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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My son and I and music

 I know I have been away for awhile.  I hope to be around more often.  Please visit One Stop Poetry!

At the age of five I was told, he was hyperactive.
Medication was what he needed.
Of course, politely, I declined.
To the teachers disappointment.

I don't blame all teachers
in fact, I have respect for what they do.
However, some would rather you medicate
Then channeling the energy of a challenging kid.

Instead, I met with teachers and  principals weekly.
Trying hard to think of someway or somehow to help him
After-all, it was not his fault he had creative energy and-
at the age of five didn't know what to do with it.

Luckily, I had a set of drums in the house and a light bulb went off in my head
I led him to the spare room with the dusty drums, put him on the chair
And wrapped his fingers around the sticks.
I was witness to a miracle.

My son, with all the energy pounded and beat until he was tired
Daily, for hours he drummed.
I found drum teachers and they would teach him and then tell me,
he was just as good as they were and could teach him no more.

He was in band after band, was in love with music, art and the drums.
He taught himself to play guitar, keyboards and even went to a school for the arts.
Would medicating him take him down this creative path?
Because of his energy he was able to sit for hours doing something he fell in love with.

I am the proud mother of a son who has a deep passion for music.
He lives it, breathes it and is totally in love with it.
My son is grown now and if anything has brought us closer
It is music.

I've loved his music, I hated his music, I danced to it and hid from it
Music has made him the man he is today

Don't stifle creativity, let it run rampant, screaming,thundering through your house.
 I am proud of my son and the man he has become.
He can love, laugh, show passion and feel it.
 My son, and I and music - not necessarily in that order