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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The meaning of friendship

Today, I don't think people understand that sentence
It's not "who" you know, or, "What" they have
It's what they give from the heart.

People pretend to be your friend for many selfish reasons
They take advantage of what you can GIVE them
I am blessed, I have FIVE, REAL friends
No, they are my sisters and more

Some have more, some have less,
But, we have all of these special things
Love, respect, and a deep, deep friendship, a loving bond

When I say I don't think I could make it through life without them, I mean it
We laugh together, cry together, share our most intimate secrets and TRUST
The more we are together, the more I realize how blessed I am
Life is a struggle, but with all of them, it makes it so much easier

All of our personalities are different,  we know our own faults and strengths
We admit them, and don't have to  apologize for our short comings
Six, strong, caring, loving, honest women, together
A life-long bond that can never be broken.

To my sisters, I love each and everyone of you, and need you more than you will ever know
Thank you for being in my life. If I don't tell you enough, I know that you know I love you all

The Black Rose

He left a black rose on my pillow,nightly
Curtains snapped and lifted with the humid breeze that entered my room
A scent of musk, wafted and hung heavy in the air
A chill ran down my spine, the moonlight gave an eerie aura surrounding my bed

He, had no name, just a presence in my dreams, or so I thought
A kiss that left my lips swollen and ruby red
A touch that was cold, yet filled my being with fire

Demanding my submission, I gave it willingly
Unspeakable acts, that I surrendered to
He was pleased, I begged for mercy and more

Nightly, I waited for his presence
Afraid he would come, but, disappointed if he did not
His mocking laughter at my weakness
Sadistic power made me melt under his weight

Screaming for more, not recognizing my own voice
His coal black eyes burning sins into my soul
I knew I was a prisoner of his power
Not even God could save me


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Laughing through Life

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Today's words are Fawn, Juggle and Navigate

I watched as my father would fawn over my siblings

Me? I would navigate around his verbal abuse -

Justifying them, that it was my fault for being ugly in his eyes

Learning to juggle emotions, and laughing outside and dying on the inside

As an adult, I have learned we do not become what we are told we are

Though, it takes many years to realize it was not my fault. I still, am laughing