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Thursday, January 20, 2011

"O" is for "Olden Days - Alphabet Thursday

Olden Days

You know you are really getting old when the kids say "Mom, back in the "olden days " did you have cars? TV's and a host of other things they want to know.

One year my son, who was five then and in school, told the teacher that his mom rode a horse and buggy to school and to work.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!  What the heck was that all about??

When he told me this I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Yes children we had TV's too.  We had the first color TV on the block.  We put a film over the screen and it tinted the picture green and red.  WOW... we thought we had it all then.

In the "olden days"  we didn't have video games.  We actually went outside and played, kick the can, red rover, red rover, hop scotch, jumped rope, even double dutch.  Uhm..  "What"? "how?"  I would get questions like that.  They were dumbfounded on how to play any games.  So from that point on, I started to teach them how to PLAY!

Hide and Seek, kick the can and others were a nightly ritual.  I taught them games I learned in the "olden days"

Think about it, how far have we come from our "olden days"  Would you leave this time era to go back?  Doubtful.  The only thing we have lost is innocence.  Now, a five year old could probably teach me a few things.  I wonder, what the "olden days" will be for them, when they are my age?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday's Best Tradition - Written for Magpie Tales

No matter what the weather, going to church in Sunday's best was a happy day
Seeing old friends, greeting new one's, and always dressed in Sunday's Clothes.
What traditions are elders had!  How it seems we have destroyed them.
Church was a special thing to do on Sunday, and respected.
Today, I see people in shorts and sandals and no children with them.
The faces in church are weathered and old, where are the young people?
What will happen to our traditional Sundays?
No more going to Church, No buying new Sunday clothes,
No visiting aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents after Church.
How many more traditions can we kill before our kids ask "Why don't we?"
Too busy for church, too busy for relatives,  and it takes too much time to keep traditions.
Are we leaving a piece of our ancestors with our children?
Let's not forget the people who believed in family and God, they gave us something that can not be bought or replaced.  Traditions


This too Shall Pass! - Jingle Poetry Pot Luck Monday

It's the New Year with new things to do
Haven't written anything lately because -
Believe it or not, I am too busy

Have started so many projects for myself
That I can barely keep up with them
Painted the bathroom and fixed it up cute
Only to hear "you have dripped paint on the floor"

I could care less about the droplets. I covered them with a rug
At least until I find some product in the store to take it out.
Another, project.  UGH!

Now, I have started to remove a border in my kitchen
Bought all kinds of wallpaper remover, none and I mean none

Trying a good old home remedy - fabric softener and hot water.
Hopefully this will work, or I will be in the kitchen for weeks
Without cooking!

I am sorry I started it, but have to follow through
The border removal is hard work, I already hate the sight of the scraper
The rest of the house is a mess
And on top of all of this-  I got a new puppy!  Am I absolutely out of my mind????

I must be going through something in my brain - up one day - down the next-
And not only is my brain cluttered and over worked
But so is my body and the house looks like a tornado hit it

Oh I guess I have to keep saying what my mother would say to me
"This too shall pass"
Yes, of course it will pass but what is next?
Another - "this too shall pass"

Well I have to go, my house smells like fabric softener and the walls have running drips down them
Sorry I started but I will be happy when it is all done.
I miss my special time writing and hope I can find time to do some in the mornings.
Until then -  "this too shall pass"!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mark Twain - Posted for Alphabet Thursday M- Mark

It is with sadness that I write this,

so many emotions and, disbelief the main one

How can people justify editing classic literary works?

Where does this begin and end?

What group thinks this is OK to do?

This is not a poem, but a stand against this blasphemy.

Who will be next?  Yours?


Monday, January 3, 2011


Shadowed by thick clouds
Sun beams try and warm the earth
Winter has its grip