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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This too Shall Pass! - Jingle Poetry Pot Luck Monday

It's the New Year with new things to do
Haven't written anything lately because -
Believe it or not, I am too busy

Have started so many projects for myself
That I can barely keep up with them
Painted the bathroom and fixed it up cute
Only to hear "you have dripped paint on the floor"

I could care less about the droplets. I covered them with a rug
At least until I find some product in the store to take it out.
Another, project.  UGH!

Now, I have started to remove a border in my kitchen
Bought all kinds of wallpaper remover, none and I mean none

Trying a good old home remedy - fabric softener and hot water.
Hopefully this will work, or I will be in the kitchen for weeks
Without cooking!

I am sorry I started it, but have to follow through
The border removal is hard work, I already hate the sight of the scraper
The rest of the house is a mess
And on top of all of this-  I got a new puppy!  Am I absolutely out of my mind????

I must be going through something in my brain - up one day - down the next-
And not only is my brain cluttered and over worked
But so is my body and the house looks like a tornado hit it

Oh I guess I have to keep saying what my mother would say to me
"This too shall pass"
Yes, of course it will pass but what is next?
Another - "this too shall pass"

Well I have to go, my house smells like fabric softener and the walls have running drips down them
Sorry I started but I will be happy when it is all done.
I miss my special time writing and hope I can find time to do some in the mornings.
Until then -  "this too shall pass"!



  1. Glad to see your house renovated and shine with fresh smells...

    Glad to see you join JP potluck week 18.
    your entry rocks.


    have fun!

  2. Thanks Jingle - You are always kind and give up so much of your time for us. I appreciate it


  3. lol, interesting read lol. Hope you get time to breathe. Thank you for joining us and sharing. Happy potluck! :)

  4. Well.... The fabric softener didn't work. Just got back from Home depot with an arsenal of things to use.

    Glad I could make you smile , Thanks for stopping by


  5. Well done.
    Renovation renovates us also, keeps us busy and active.