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Thursday, January 20, 2011

"O" is for "Olden Days - Alphabet Thursday

Olden Days

You know you are really getting old when the kids say "Mom, back in the "olden days " did you have cars? TV's and a host of other things they want to know.

One year my son, who was five then and in school, told the teacher that his mom rode a horse and buggy to school and to work.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!  What the heck was that all about??

When he told me this I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Yes children we had TV's too.  We had the first color TV on the block.  We put a film over the screen and it tinted the picture green and red.  WOW... we thought we had it all then.

In the "olden days"  we didn't have video games.  We actually went outside and played, kick the can, red rover, red rover, hop scotch, jumped rope, even double dutch.  Uhm..  "What"? "how?"  I would get questions like that.  They were dumbfounded on how to play any games.  So from that point on, I started to teach them how to PLAY!

Hide and Seek, kick the can and others were a nightly ritual.  I taught them games I learned in the "olden days"

Think about it, how far have we come from our "olden days"  Would you leave this time era to go back?  Doubtful.  The only thing we have lost is innocence.  Now, a five year old could probably teach me a few things.  I wonder, what the "olden days" will be for them, when they are my age?



  1. oh I liked this. . .

    I had to teach my kids kick the can a few years ago, because they had never heard of it.

    It is hard to imagine what the "olden days" will look like for my kids

  2. We taught our kids kick the can, too. Best game ever!


  3. Speaking of olden days... I guess O could be for Operator... remember them?:@)

  4. So true..
    this is a very lovely read... :)

  5. You know I wonder what people will say about this generation years from now. Will they laugh at our technology? Our food? The way we dress?

  6. This post just made me laugh. Kids concept of time is so funny sometimes!

    I miss the innocence, too!

    Sometimes I think the world is passing by so quickly that every yesterday is always the 'olden' days.

    Thanks for a thought provoking and outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday.


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