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Friday, February 25, 2011

Teetering on the fence of Spring - One Stop Poetry

I sit here wondering when it will come?
Hoping I don't miss the explosion of color,
Once this ice and snow melts
Again, we are wearing Mother Nature White.

Fashionable, perhaps.
Seasonal, perhaps.
Wanted, I speak for myself.  No.
Mother Nature has once again, handed me her hand me down whites.

Blustery, chilly, ice, snow, freezing rain,
Words I have become to hate and shiver as if hypnotized to do so
Where is the sun?  Can't it tease us with a showing?
Of course not with all of this snow blowing.

With  one hand, my coffee  to warm my palm and fingers,
I type words that soon will be gone from everyone's vocabulary
Hopefully I will feel the sun's loving rays
and soon feel like I have been reborn