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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hush---- Posted for One Shot Wed

Different sounds echo in my chamber

A veil to hide the look behind my eyes

Winter solstice peaceful and comfortable

Yet, a feeling of the unknown lurks at my backdoor

It must open, yet, I hesitate

Unwilling to let go of things I could cope with

Not wanting to know what the future will unleash

Hush, here it comes without a sound

New beginnings, endings, gains and losses.

Fears and joys, old and the new

Challenges, triumphs

Promises kept, promises broken

Only good intentions

A baptism of new dreams and hopes for all


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa - Carry On Tuesday

Dear Santa,

For as long as I can remember, I have been a good girl.
I know, it is expected to be a good boy or girl throughout the year.
However, after many years of reflection, I have been too good.
This behavior did not bring me more or less of anything.

Now that I am older and toys (childrens) are no longer an option
I find myself longing to be the bad girl, I have deep down inside always wanted to be
It is probably too late for this Christmas, but I am trying to prepare you for next year
I want to be a dirty little girl, naughty, insatiable and a sexy being. Please don't leave me frilly things.
Leather would be nice
If, it isn't too much to ask, I might need someone to go with all these desires.
The one I have, doesn't seem to be interested in naughty things
So, dear Santa... I will keep you posted this year
Please keep in mind, I am tired of the good girl and want to bring out the bad girl in the New Year

Oh and Santa... you look extremely sexy in Red and White


Monday, December 20, 2010

Funny Christmas Gifts Written for One Stop Poetry

Well, it does have an H in it.  Could it be for Holiday?

Many years ago when my siblings and myself were in our teens our family started a tradition on Christmas Eve.  If someone had an ailment, a funny thing happen to them, or what ever we could think of, we bought funny gifts.   This tradition soon took over and what we looked forward to every year.

Honestly, we ended spending more money on funny gifts than the  traditional ones, but oh, how we laughed through the night.

No one was safe, parents included.  Thus the picture of the Preparation H.  One year my mother battled with this problem and everyone heard about it.  So!  For Christmas she got tons of tubes.  However, we learned the real truth.  Somewhere she read it took swelling and bags under the eyes away. She was actually thrilled to get the tubes!

I was young and cruised nightly at the local "Manners"  that year for Christmas I got flashlights, a manners hat and menu and a special red light for the top of my car with a sign that said "Manners Patrol"  all homemade of course.

My Italian Father was 'somewhat' of a gambler.  We went to the local Horse races and got him all kinds of racing programs and books on betting tips.

We made chick magnets for my brothers, bought zit cream and so many to list I can't even recall all of them.

These Christmas's I remember the most.  The laughter, sometimes the defensive shock and then laughter.  It took us hours to open presents and it brought our memories together.  Each Christmas to this day, we talk about those and laugh.   How easy it is to make a tradition, especially one to bring family's together in only a way they can understand


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arrow Shot One Shoot Sunday


Exhaling, you leave me
Your presence only felt
Inhaling, your spirit enters
Lifting me to heaven, with you


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To all of my readers who like me or don'

I will be out of order for a day or so...  Going in for surgery.  

Maybe it will give me something to write about, happily of course!!!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

And, So this is Christmas - John Lennon

In the words of John Lennon...

"So, this is Christmas what have you done"?

Have you given of yourself this year?

Have you made a difference?

"So, this is Christmas and what have we done"?

Fed the poor? Saved an animal?  Gave children our time? Loved and cherished our parents time with us?

I can ask so many questions, but I believe you know them all


Written for One Stop Poetry - Sunday Shoot

The blue sky blends into the background of straw colored mountains

Flicks of white snow struggle against melting on the slopes

It is extremely desolate

Beautiful and yet an urgency not to be alone on the road

Praying the vehicle makes every winding turn

And yet, the beauty of it all, mesmerizing

It is so peaceful, and sings me a lullaby in silence

Driving toward the azure sky, as it nestles into a crook and valley

My goal to stay awake and enjoy natures beauty

It would be a shame to slip down a slope

Though the scenery is hypnotizing me

Never to tell anyone of the beauty I have witnessed


Little Ballerina

This has been written for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.  Please visit her site...

I was only five when I started taking many different types of dance classes

Loving  them all I spent many years learning and practicing.
Every lesson,having a goal to meet, a little block inside new shoes.

After many years of learning the basics and the french names of each new step
My mother gave me  a box wrapped with a pink ribbon

"An involuntary gasp of shock escaped my lips when I opened the shoebox and saw the pointy-toed shoes..."
I think, this was the happiest moment in my life


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feel Lucky Punk??

Okay.. I usually don't add something from You Tube.  However, I'm a fan of this band and the remake -"Bad Company"   Thought I would share

Wysteria   -  Bad Company, until the day I die....:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who is that in the Manger?

Please note-  I did not take this picture and don't know who did. It came in an email from a friend and I thought I would share it with all of you. However, it is my poem..)

It was a bitter cold night
And, no one was in sight
I'm just another stray,
tired of running away

I sniffed around the manger
There was no danger
Hungry and cold
against a baby I mold

Three men watched over me
They would do no harm, I could see
The baby held me in his arms, on a blanket of straw
I could hear a hush from those who saw

A simple bed that someone made,
Hunger and cold, seemed to fade
Please, if you find a stray during this cold
Give him a warm place to sleep, and your arms to hold

Monday, December 6, 2010

J- is for January Junk

It's that time of year again.
When the Holidays are over
And, January is Junk month for me
Bag the old stuff, box it, and I will be clutter free

Now that I am older, I find I can throw things away
However, just as I get rid of it, I need it.
Off to the thrift store I head
To rummage and riffle until I am dead

So, as you can see
January is get rid of Junk month
Only to make room for more
This January as I box the old, there will be new bargains I can't ignore!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture Prompt - One Shoot Sunday


When does it start and when does it end?
Longing for the feel of lips brushing against my skin
Heated moist breath, making me shiver
Secretly, I dream for another kiss like that.

What happens after you have grown apart
and live together for convenience?
A part of you is tucked away in a heart shaped box
Wounded and ignoring your wants and desires

Not a victim, only a victim of circumstances
No money, nowhere  to go , no insurance
These things have somehow grown to out weigh passion
It seems, there is not enough room for all of them

We make choices, sacrifices, and follow paths
Happy, or unhappy we choose our destiny
Of all the things, I have given up
Passion and breathless kisses, I miss the most


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow and the Elderly

Magpie Tales

I found myself a prisoner in my own home
Looking out the window it seemed so serene
Too weak to shovel, the snow only piled upon my walk
There was little to eat, I could not go to the store

Too proud to ask for help, I peered across the street at my neighbor
He had a snow-blower and was cleaning his driveway
How I wished, he would do mine
Soon, he put the machine away in his garage and closed the door.

The snow continued to fall, each snowflake finding it's destination
Another day and night of snow, would hold me hostage
Feeling a tear sting my eye, I wondered why
People don't think of the elderly, trapped, maybe in need

Have we lost all compassion, or just don't have the time?
Perhaps, we don't want to get involved
This is not me, but, millions of elderly
Take a moment, and don't forget them


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Word Prompt - We Write Poems - Love

Thursday Poets Rally

After loving all your friends and family
is there enough room
for thousands more?
Our hearts are small, but there is  vacancy

This time of the year, we sometimes forget
There are homeless,
Victims of 911
Men and women, fighting for our freedom

During this season, there are people losing homes
No Christmas Tree's 
No Presents for  children
Sometimes, there is no food

Our Country needs people 
To find love in their hearts
For the helpless, homeless, and depressed
Do you have  room to love them?

If you give something
Money, a coat, a meal
Don't think how good it made you feel
Think, you have given someone a piece of your heart

You have enough love, for millions
Different it may be
Let's not forget the elderly, the abused, animals that are beaten and starved
Let's go back to the basic we were taught

Love your neighbor
Perhaps, it will be you in their situation someday
We never know our future
If you do something kind with love, you teach your children what love really means