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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hush---- Posted for One Shot Wed

Different sounds echo in my chamber

A veil to hide the look behind my eyes

Winter solstice peaceful and comfortable

Yet, a feeling of the unknown lurks at my backdoor

It must open, yet, I hesitate

Unwilling to let go of things I could cope with

Not wanting to know what the future will unleash

Hush, here it comes without a sound

New beginnings, endings, gains and losses.

Fears and joys, old and the new

Challenges, triumphs

Promises kept, promises broken

Only good intentions

A baptism of new dreams and hopes for all



  1. There's an energy that shines through your lines in the form of expectations and not knowing what to anticipate. Like the title too, to me indicates feelings expressed that are usually kept hidden in the heart.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, so many thoughts hidden and kept inside. I think everyone does that. Cheers to you! Hope it is a good one!


  3. I love the images you paint with these words...wonderful

  4. David,

    Thanks for the kind words and a Happy New Year to you...)

  5. A new year is always full of new hopes....this is a beautiful poem Wysteria! :-)

  6. Carrie,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me a boost with your kind comment. I hope the New Year is great for you


  7. I love the baptism of new dream and hopes each year.

  8. Happy New Year. Enjoyed your poem.


  9. good intention counts...

    promises may not be kept intentionally or unintentionally....

    lovely piece.
    Happy New Year!

  10. A wonderful piece. You have lined your words up perfectly. You are gifted!

  11. Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate them and hopefully find the time between today and tomorrow to stop at all of your sites too!

    Best in the New Year...


  12. this poem reminds me of some dark nights i used to have, full of uncertainty.
    Well written poem that truly connects. keep up

    Love and Light!

  13. Well written Wysteria...

    Happy New Year..
    May this new year bring a lot of happiness in your life :)

  14. It is a hopeful New Year and worth the dreaming. May you be blessed this year and may God's face shine upon you and give you peace.

  15. I love this line: A baptism of new dreams and hopes for all

    What fitting words to end a tumultous year.

    Thank you for this grace-filled post. It made me think.

    Sending you warm wishes for a 2011 filled with joy and grace, adventure and discovery.

    Hugs and A+