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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture Prompt - One Shoot Sunday


When does it start and when does it end?
Longing for the feel of lips brushing against my skin
Heated moist breath, making me shiver
Secretly, I dream for another kiss like that.

What happens after you have grown apart
and live together for convenience?
A part of you is tucked away in a heart shaped box
Wounded and ignoring your wants and desires

Not a victim, only a victim of circumstances
No money, nowhere  to go , no insurance
These things have somehow grown to out weigh passion
It seems, there is not enough room for all of them

We make choices, sacrifices, and follow paths
Happy, or unhappy we choose our destiny
Of all the things, I have given up
Passion and breathless kisses, I miss the most



  1. Very charming...
    The last two lines I can relate to... :)

  2. The word shiver, appears every where I go, someone must be doing something right

  3. It's so true! Passion is the beggining of most relationships but when it fizzles out we stay for so many reasons... very well said! Enjoyed the read.

  4. Passion and breathless kisses, I miss the most --> and i do too.

    Reaches directly to the heart - very nice.

  5. Sumit, Kodjo, Helena,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I guess the picture brought out more of me than I expected. Poets sometimes write from the depths of their hearts, not all of life is glossy and beautiful. We all have those dark places in our beings. Though, we hate to stir them up and bring them to the surface.


  6. So true, how often we give of the passions for the everyday routines. Well done

  7. Enjoyed your poem very much. Heartbreaking when you mention living together for convenience? Reading what stems from that part through the rest of the poem makes me feel sad considering the picture. Awesome post!

  8. Another angle I didn't expect...that is what draws readers in like myself. The sad reality of body love only a memory.

  9. It is a shame everything else smothers the passion in time. Great poem.


  10. a very unexpected angle and a beautiful expression for the longing of getting this passion back..

  11. The yearning with realistic views of expression...incredibly well done!! ~April

  12. this entire piece is so powerful, so real. That last paragragh...omg, tears.


  13. The sadness of living without passion, the sorrow of 'having to' versus the desire of want.

    The power of your poem, and the beauty within you, touched my heart.

    Thank you.


  14. Somtimes if it gets out of hand, passion can turn into a deeper, sometimes deadlier lust, which is one of the seven deadly sins. Here's mine

  15. Exactly how I felt after my divorce!

  16. sweet and delicate..yeah,the ending is Gorgeous too..:)

  17. Good angle - a great reflection. Raw longing, a piece that really makes you ponder what's gone, what may never return, the things you had and loved and have since gone away...Powerful and sensitive piece, with a final stanza that really drives the work home.

  18. WoW
    This is unexpected- yet so true and beautiful OMG
    You are great!