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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hush---- Posted for One Shot Wed

Different sounds echo in my chamber

A veil to hide the look behind my eyes

Winter solstice peaceful and comfortable

Yet, a feeling of the unknown lurks at my backdoor

It must open, yet, I hesitate

Unwilling to let go of things I could cope with

Not wanting to know what the future will unleash

Hush, here it comes without a sound

New beginnings, endings, gains and losses.

Fears and joys, old and the new

Challenges, triumphs

Promises kept, promises broken

Only good intentions

A baptism of new dreams and hopes for all


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa - Carry On Tuesday

Dear Santa,

For as long as I can remember, I have been a good girl.
I know, it is expected to be a good boy or girl throughout the year.
However, after many years of reflection, I have been too good.
This behavior did not bring me more or less of anything.

Now that I am older and toys (childrens) are no longer an option
I find myself longing to be the bad girl, I have deep down inside always wanted to be
It is probably too late for this Christmas, but I am trying to prepare you for next year
I want to be a dirty little girl, naughty, insatiable and a sexy being. Please don't leave me frilly things.
Leather would be nice
If, it isn't too much to ask, I might need someone to go with all these desires.
The one I have, doesn't seem to be interested in naughty things
So, dear Santa... I will keep you posted this year
Please keep in mind, I am tired of the good girl and want to bring out the bad girl in the New Year

Oh and Santa... you look extremely sexy in Red and White


Monday, December 20, 2010

Funny Christmas Gifts Written for One Stop Poetry

Well, it does have an H in it.  Could it be for Holiday?

Many years ago when my siblings and myself were in our teens our family started a tradition on Christmas Eve.  If someone had an ailment, a funny thing happen to them, or what ever we could think of, we bought funny gifts.   This tradition soon took over and what we looked forward to every year.

Honestly, we ended spending more money on funny gifts than the  traditional ones, but oh, how we laughed through the night.

No one was safe, parents included.  Thus the picture of the Preparation H.  One year my mother battled with this problem and everyone heard about it.  So!  For Christmas she got tons of tubes.  However, we learned the real truth.  Somewhere she read it took swelling and bags under the eyes away. She was actually thrilled to get the tubes!

I was young and cruised nightly at the local "Manners"  that year for Christmas I got flashlights, a manners hat and menu and a special red light for the top of my car with a sign that said "Manners Patrol"  all homemade of course.

My Italian Father was 'somewhat' of a gambler.  We went to the local Horse races and got him all kinds of racing programs and books on betting tips.

We made chick magnets for my brothers, bought zit cream and so many to list I can't even recall all of them.

These Christmas's I remember the most.  The laughter, sometimes the defensive shock and then laughter.  It took us hours to open presents and it brought our memories together.  Each Christmas to this day, we talk about those and laugh.   How easy it is to make a tradition, especially one to bring family's together in only a way they can understand


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arrow Shot One Shoot Sunday


Exhaling, you leave me
Your presence only felt
Inhaling, your spirit enters
Lifting me to heaven, with you


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To all of my readers who like me or don'

I will be out of order for a day or so...  Going in for surgery.  

Maybe it will give me something to write about, happily of course!!!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

And, So this is Christmas - John Lennon

In the words of John Lennon...

"So, this is Christmas what have you done"?

Have you given of yourself this year?

Have you made a difference?

"So, this is Christmas and what have we done"?

Fed the poor? Saved an animal?  Gave children our time? Loved and cherished our parents time with us?

I can ask so many questions, but I believe you know them all


Written for One Stop Poetry - Sunday Shoot

The blue sky blends into the background of straw colored mountains

Flicks of white snow struggle against melting on the slopes

It is extremely desolate

Beautiful and yet an urgency not to be alone on the road

Praying the vehicle makes every winding turn

And yet, the beauty of it all, mesmerizing

It is so peaceful, and sings me a lullaby in silence

Driving toward the azure sky, as it nestles into a crook and valley

My goal to stay awake and enjoy natures beauty

It would be a shame to slip down a slope

Though the scenery is hypnotizing me

Never to tell anyone of the beauty I have witnessed


Little Ballerina

This has been written for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.  Please visit her site...

I was only five when I started taking many different types of dance classes

Loving  them all I spent many years learning and practicing.
Every lesson,having a goal to meet, a little block inside new shoes.

After many years of learning the basics and the french names of each new step
My mother gave me  a box wrapped with a pink ribbon

"An involuntary gasp of shock escaped my lips when I opened the shoebox and saw the pointy-toed shoes..."
I think, this was the happiest moment in my life


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feel Lucky Punk??

Okay.. I usually don't add something from You Tube.  However, I'm a fan of this band and the remake -"Bad Company"   Thought I would share

Wysteria   -  Bad Company, until the day I die....:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who is that in the Manger?

Please note-  I did not take this picture and don't know who did. It came in an email from a friend and I thought I would share it with all of you. However, it is my poem..)

It was a bitter cold night
And, no one was in sight
I'm just another stray,
tired of running away

I sniffed around the manger
There was no danger
Hungry and cold
against a baby I mold

Three men watched over me
They would do no harm, I could see
The baby held me in his arms, on a blanket of straw
I could hear a hush from those who saw

A simple bed that someone made,
Hunger and cold, seemed to fade
Please, if you find a stray during this cold
Give him a warm place to sleep, and your arms to hold

Monday, December 6, 2010

J- is for January Junk

It's that time of year again.
When the Holidays are over
And, January is Junk month for me
Bag the old stuff, box it, and I will be clutter free

Now that I am older, I find I can throw things away
However, just as I get rid of it, I need it.
Off to the thrift store I head
To rummage and riffle until I am dead

So, as you can see
January is get rid of Junk month
Only to make room for more
This January as I box the old, there will be new bargains I can't ignore!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture Prompt - One Shoot Sunday


When does it start and when does it end?
Longing for the feel of lips brushing against my skin
Heated moist breath, making me shiver
Secretly, I dream for another kiss like that.

What happens after you have grown apart
and live together for convenience?
A part of you is tucked away in a heart shaped box
Wounded and ignoring your wants and desires

Not a victim, only a victim of circumstances
No money, nowhere  to go , no insurance
These things have somehow grown to out weigh passion
It seems, there is not enough room for all of them

We make choices, sacrifices, and follow paths
Happy, or unhappy we choose our destiny
Of all the things, I have given up
Passion and breathless kisses, I miss the most


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow and the Elderly

Magpie Tales

I found myself a prisoner in my own home
Looking out the window it seemed so serene
Too weak to shovel, the snow only piled upon my walk
There was little to eat, I could not go to the store

Too proud to ask for help, I peered across the street at my neighbor
He had a snow-blower and was cleaning his driveway
How I wished, he would do mine
Soon, he put the machine away in his garage and closed the door.

The snow continued to fall, each snowflake finding it's destination
Another day and night of snow, would hold me hostage
Feeling a tear sting my eye, I wondered why
People don't think of the elderly, trapped, maybe in need

Have we lost all compassion, or just don't have the time?
Perhaps, we don't want to get involved
This is not me, but, millions of elderly
Take a moment, and don't forget them


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Word Prompt - We Write Poems - Love

Thursday Poets Rally

After loving all your friends and family
is there enough room
for thousands more?
Our hearts are small, but there is  vacancy

This time of the year, we sometimes forget
There are homeless,
Victims of 911
Men and women, fighting for our freedom

During this season, there are people losing homes
No Christmas Tree's 
No Presents for  children
Sometimes, there is no food

Our Country needs people 
To find love in their hearts
For the helpless, homeless, and depressed
Do you have  room to love them?

If you give something
Money, a coat, a meal
Don't think how good it made you feel
Think, you have given someone a piece of your heart

You have enough love, for millions
Different it may be
Let's not forget the elderly, the abused, animals that are beaten and starved
Let's go back to the basic we were taught

Love your neighbor
Perhaps, it will be you in their situation someday
We never know our future
If you do something kind with love, you teach your children what love really means


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday's

Vacation is over! Back to reality!

Wow, these six words were designed for me this time!

Have been gone for two weeks in Florida and drove all the way through yesterday.  Long ride and I watched the little thermometer reading from the inside of the car drop from 85 to 33 yesterday.  Wearing shorts when I left and a quick change into sweat pants to continue the ride home.  Bummer.

Having to admit that I would have given up everything to stay in Florida and miss the winter up north, it was not possible.  Even asking the people we met there to kidnap me, I begged, had them almost convinced!

Oh I heard the usual -- "It gets so humid in the summer in Florida, you won't be able to stand it."  Uhmmmm... I would gladly change six months of winter, 54 inches of snow in one night and sub zero degree's for beads of sweat and spending tons on deodorant for three months.

How can it be that one day I am swimming in a pool, laying in the sun and the next I see my breath when I talk?

Enough of my rant.  I don't live in Florida and today I am pissed about it, sitting in front of my fireplace!


Friday, November 12, 2010

MagPie Tales

The Death of a Woman

It was one of many he had given her
This one, meant something more
She was going to be his, in every way.
Soon, it would be their wedding day.

She found it hard to believe
That her family had given her, to him
There were no feelings, no love
No bells ringing up above

Her hatred grew day to day
It would dishonor her family if she would refuse
They would earn money from the arrangement
Much had been given in their engagement

Sadly, she would not love this man
Be forced to do things she didn't want
Bare his children all in pain
All her crying would be in vain

She laid the necklace in the satin box
The symbol of a powerful man -
that owns a woman that cries her self to sleep
It will be many nights in her life, she will weep


Alphabet Thursday H - is for......?

I can't wait, already packed
Will miss all of you, but I have to go
Adventure is awaiting me
I'm going on Holiday, Happy as can be

Hoping I don't forget anything
I've packed just about everything
The time away will give another muse
My hands won't stay idle, I refuse

Notebooks, sketchpads, books all in a bag
We are all ready for our Holiday
Not telling where I am going
Taking pictures for my showing

I will miss all of you, and of course
In some ways my computer
But I have everything I need
Now to the word Gods, I plead

Perhaps, when I come home
refreshed, reborn, and rested
The things I put on paper, about my Holiday
Will be fresh, new things I will have to say


Leaving Sat Morning!   YEA!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do you pay to play?Romantic Ideas Blog

A picture says a million words.
I've been a bad girl
But yet, I have been so good
If you could whisper to me, I am sure you would

Tell me lies, sweet little lies
I don't mind, some of them I've already heard
Don't ask me to say I love you
You already know, it wouldn't be true

You can have your fantasy
I promise to play along
Oh!  I forgot, just one thing
Don't forget the diamond ring

The apartment, the Lexus,
Vacation in the Bahama's
Cell phones, credit cards, not much to ask
A man who hides behind a mask


Three word Wednesday

Gesture, Immediate, Treasure -  Three word prompt this week

The elf gestured to me.   Perched upon a large, smooth stone, I sat.  Hand under my chin resting what seemed like  the weight of the world.

I gave no immediate response but watched him intently.  There were many rouges and magicians searching for a treasure.  Some had maps, others went on intuition.

Meeting this funny looking elf at the tavern in the City of Leeburogh, I wasn't sure if it was my luck or his good fortune to meet.

It seemed for hours we circled inside of the long, straw grass that grew in the field.  Many bore thorns and by now my leather sandals were scratched and my bare toes were bleeding,

He was dressed in a make- shift of rags and leather.  His pointed ears stuck through straggly strands of gray and mousy brown hair.  He had beady little eyes that  kept squinting, perhaps he needed something to make his sight better.  I thought to myself , if this rotund elf can't see, how will we find the treasure?

Pursing my lips, I watched him circle an area several times, and mumbling something under his breath.  I am sure he was talking some other language and it had something to do with me.  I gave a slight shrug and continued to let my eyes wander over his movements and kept a vigil of things around us.

I didn't bring my cleric books, too cumbersome to travel with and I felt odd, not holding them.  This strange elf, promised to help me find the treasure so many talked about.  It would help feed many poor people in our City.

Gnarly fingers up in the air and another gesture for me to come closer.  I slid from the  sandy rock, smoothed down my brown robes and moved over to where he was standing and staring.  With a very intense look in his almond shaped, brown eyes, he pointed to the earth below his feet and grunted  "Here!"

"You are sure?"  I asked with a monotone voice, no hint of excitement.  How could he just wander a thicket and suddenly think the treasure was buried there?

With a shrug of my shoulders I smoothed my robes in place and knelt at the spot.  With nothing but my fingers I began to try and dig through the very dry and packed dirt.  Struggling, and my nails ripping with each movement I began to dig deeper.  Somehow, I didn't think the strange little elf was correct.  But, I would have to know one way or another.

The little elf was not the most energetic and I looked up at him and grumbled, "Could you please help?  This is going to take some time with only my hands to dig.

He cocked on eyebrow and wrinkled his face even more than it was.  He nodded and knelt near me.  Both of us scratching at the earth.

Suddenly, my fingers rubbed against something smooth.  I began to push away the clumpy dirt and  the top of a brown box began to appear.   The crooked, bent up elf began to scrape the earth away from the box and we yanked it out.

We looked over it carefully, both our hands sharing a side of the hand - made, rickety box.  I murmured low to him. "There is no treasure in here.  I am sure of that."   The grumpy elf shook his head and with a deep and raspy tone he muttered.  :You'll see, it will be a fortune, enough for both of us and the City"

On the box was a lock, however it was loose from age and being buried so long.  I shook and tugged at  it and it practically crumbled in  my hand.

We were excited, fingers everywhere trying to open the box.  Finally it opened and all we could do was stare without blinking or saying a word.

I looked up at the elf and our eyes met, neither of us saying a word.

Finally the elf spoke with amazement.  "Who would bury a pair of sandals?"  I wanted to burst out with laughter and a little soft roar escaped my lips. The elf did not acknowledge my amusement.

He stood up abruptly and with an angered voice he said. "May your eyes turn to jam, I am going to put these sandals on and keep walking.  Surely they will take me to the treasure."

Standing up I told him I would not follow him and shook his hand and wished him well.  I returned to my City and years later heard talk that an elf had found the treasure and was living like a King,  Chuckling to myself I knew it was him.  Good Fortune had finally come his way.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Q - is for Quill

How can we forget the first poets labor
By candlelight and pondering  right words
with a dip of his quill and set to parchment.
Words we still read and admire

Who would have thought these papers
Written in pen and ink would last all these years
Most  poets long gone but are so revered.
We read their books and dream to be one of them

For their work was not done for fame or fortune
They had the passion to write
Love of the art to paint pain, happiness and pictures
With parchment and a quill.

What would these poets think of what we have
And, imagine how different their poems might be
Or would they still prefer their way
dipping a quill in ink, by candlight


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haiku -

Wonders of the world
Are looking for us each day
Knocking at our door

Floating from the sky
Little fluffs of lacy pillows
Make a white blanket


Monday, November 8, 2010

Pot luck Monday -Buildings-Monuments- Bricks

Please have a voice for us.
We live in abandoned buildings
No food, no water, no love
Can you afford another mouth to feed?

We promise to be good
We'll even police your yard!
There are no warm blankets for us
Just the cold cement floor of this building

There are some of us who have suffered
at the hands of people who beat,
starved , even chained us
However, we survive

Take a moment to look into our eyes
Find us a home with children who like to play ball
Don't buy expensive pets
We promise to show you how loyal we are.

We plead through people like you
Who care, you are our voices
Look for us in your abandoned buildings or yards
We are looking for you.

There are many local shelters, or people who foster pets and promise to find them loving homes.   This is just one of them -Rescue
If you can, rescue your next pet...

Picture was given to me from Kelly at the Mutthutt


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Scribblings- Friction

What was that noise?
swish, swish, swish
I tried hard to listen
   swish, swish, swish
Finally it dawned on me
My panty hose and my chunky thighs
The friction between
   swish, swish ,swish
I threw all my panty hose away
Didn't want people to hear me
Before they saw me..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday's

My dogs slobbery kisses, are love


Word Prompt - Adventure

No one would think that going to McDonald' s was an adventure.  But in my house it was.  There were seven of us in the family and when my dad would say he would treat us to McDonald's we would all cringe. 

You ask why?

Let the adventures begin!

This was in the day when a town or city was LUCKY to have a McDonald's restaurant.  I recall the .25 cent hamburger and the .15 cent fries.  Neither were a huge portion for a bunch who liked to eat!
My dad would bellow..." OK Who is going to McDonald's"?  Meekly, one of us would answer and then off to get the grub.

Years ago, the restaurants were small and sometimes you even had to wait outside in line.  When it was your turn to order, we would try to whisper....."21 hamburgers and 13 fries"  How embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!   Then the guy who took your order would yell it back to the cooks  "21 burgers, 13 fries!"  Everyone standing in line would look at you like you were going to feed a herd of cows.  Usually, I would end up standing there a few inches smaller than when I came in.
Having four siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters we were constantly picking and playing jokes on one another.  My brother who was 13 months younger than me had hurt  my feelings a day before a McDonald's adventure.

He was a fanatic about his skin, if he would have one zit on his face he would panic and cover his whole face in calamine lotion.  Have you ever seen what calamine lotion looks like when dry?  It is as if he was staring in a horror flick and just  had his makeup put on.  Cracking, peeling , hanging.... Agh... ghastly!

So anyway, he asked me to ride with him to McDonald's and so, I kept praying to the pay back Gods that he would forget the lotion on his face.  They answered my prayers and I could hardly keep from losing a tonsil from laughing out loud.

Grabbed his keys and off we went.  This was at 5 pm and the place was jammed.  People standing outside and in line.   He turned to me and asked if I wanted to go in and calmly, with a straight face I declined.

I was waiting for the door to shut and then I started screaming, literally screaming in the car.  People were turning around and looking at him and then once he stepped into the restaurant, there were three lines of people and everyone was looking at him.  He was starting to feel self conscious and I could tell by his body language that he was wondering what was wrong?  Was his zipper down...?  I watched him glance down.  Now, I was laughing so hard, I was blinking away tears.
Finally, he comes to the car and I said, why was everyone staring at you?  He just answered he didn't know and I pointed to the mirror.  He glanced and then started beating me!  I was laughing too hard to even notice any pain!  All the way home he called me horrible names and punched me.

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!  Revenge was sweet.  Now I know a lot of you will think this was a horrible thing to do.  I don't know, even as an adult, I find some humor in it.  

To me, it was a payback for all the years I was at his mercy.  It felt good to finally be the one who was on top.  But, believe me, I had to watch out for him years after.  I knew he would find something good to pay me back.  And, of course he did.

So, my adventure, at least one of them was memories of going to McDonald's and the day calamine lotion screwed up my brothers day!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Theme Thursday

The beach is a magical place
Once you step foot on it
You will never forget
the feeling of sand between your toes

Warmed by the  sun
Tiny grains cling to your skin
Only to be washed away
by another acrobatic wave


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three word Wednesday Abrubt- Kernel and Wield

Three word Wednesday

My brother was a pain
Never listened and hyper to the max.
Most kids love watermelon, corn on the cob and grapes.
For me, they were food to fear

He would spit the seeds from the watermelon
once , one stuck to my forehead.
I was afraid he would shoot my eye out with one
I always ducked.

Corn on the cob was just as dangerous
Spitting kernels at me and sometimes 
when he would bite down
the kernels would squirt

He would always go into a fit of laughter,
for me it was horror
For awhile I would pretend I didn't like the food
and excused myself from the table.

One day, we were eating corn
He didn't spit a kernel
Nor when he bit down on the cob it didn't squirt 
Why the abrupt stop?

Suddenly he started to wield the cob
High up in the air, screaming like a banshee
And then it happened
Smack!  right into my forehead

I had kernels and butter dripping all over my face
He went into a laughing fit
I cried, 
Vowing, the next time I would wage war


G- is for gnat

Gingerly, the gnat , sat
grieving over the death of his grandfather.
The gnat always had good fortune
But it seemed lately his  luck was gone

It happened on a grapefruit
Cut in half and shimmering like a gem
The gnats grandfather sat too long
A fly swatter ended his life

Only grazing the side of the grandfather gnat
He was grounded in the grapefruit and
Died of drowning, gorging himself with his last breath
The little gnat grimaced at the thought

Now, he thought to himself as he took flight
Globes of grapes in his sight
Ah grandfather was greedy
I am going to grip to the grapes.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carry On Tuesday - Last Night I Dreamt

Carry On Tuesday

Deeply sleeping
Last night I dreamt
Of people long gone
And woke up weeping

The dream so real
We were laughing,
talking and smiling
I knew how I would feel

Why is it that we dream of the dead?
Afraid to let go, or just want to be close
They all seemed so happy
I promised, no tears would be shed

Last night I dreamt and lost time
Only to awake and feel melancholly
It's hard to understand why they go away
Last night I dreamt, the memories are mine

Monday, November 1, 2010

The morning dew drops
Leave little beads of crystal
Fancy as they dance
The sun, their demon


Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Masquerade - A Vamp


..  Writers Island

He would be at the party
She knew she wanted attention, only his
Dressed in black and ruby lips
A satin sash around her hips

Her eyes were her mask,
behind them a deep passion
Only she the huntress knew
What she felt was true

It didn't matter if he cared
What she wanted, she would get
So she stalked him through the night
Anxious to give her first bite

Finally a glimpse of hope
He had noticed her from afar
Offering a smile with a glint
Her eyes glowing, with a red tint

Moving closer, he asked her to dance
The music haunting and passion in the air
Sliding her body against his, her Lilly white hand against his chest
Soon, even though he didn't know, she knew what would be best.

Holding her tightly against him
She knew how to use her body as they danced
It was then she pressed those ruby lips against his skin
Soon, she would relish in her win

A fang slid against his neck
Even though it was fake
She could feel him shiver
A quick pass of her tongue, a lusty quiver

Only for this night
She had him where she wanted
In her arms and hypnotic hold
His hot whisper was so bold

She only laughed, her head falling back
Until now, he had ignored her
She continued with the masquerade
He was fooled at the game she played

The Worst Halloween

Halloween -  Jingle Poetry  Happy Halloween Jingle!

A year my mother felt creative, and she was!
Months before, making three costumes 
She was busy, cutting, taping, covering
And then, the final fittings!

My brother was a robot
Three boxes covered in tin foil
It was the most amazing work
We were so excited to try ours on

My Sister was the youngest
Small and petite, she was a pumpkin
Wires and fabric made her look so
Orange and BIG! A green hat for the stem

Me?  I was a witch, dressed all in black
A brand new broom to carry
AND, a putty nose!
The broom would be used after, how frugal she was!

Then it came- HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

We dressed quickly with Mothers help
Excited to run out and get all our rewards and treats
We began to walk, old enough to go alone
Laughing and then, suddenly something went wrong

No more laughter, one by one we started to cry.
The robot shed tears first, he couldn't see and the boxes
Were awkward.  I tried to soothe and encourage him - to no avail
Next, my little sister began to sob

The pumpkin suit cumbersome and too large to walk in
She couldn't even sit down, like the  robot
Then, I started to cry, though I could move with ease
My putty nose kept falling and wilting

I would try to fix it but it only was misshapen
We all cried, walking up to houses 
We didn't want to disappoint my mother who worked so hard
The Robot, the pumpkin and me, the worst Halloween ever!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Dan Fogelberg - Wysteria

Fear and Motherhood

You never stop being a Mother
No matter how old your children get
For me, I am not afraid of too many things
But, when it comes to my children 
My fear for them and what I can't control
Is more anxiety than I can hold



Picture this:
You are in big debt and could possibly lose your house and properties if this debt is not serviced immediately.
On the other hand, you hold an important position that you can manipulate illegally to get enough cash to pay up your debt and live up to your standard.
Remember, help is coming from nowhere, you wont get caught and this is your only source..
“How will you react?”

Kids to feed, husband laid off and the sheriff at the door handing me a notice of eviction.  I handle money everyday, after all I should do well at my job at the bank.  Things piled up, we were drowning, and our noses were above water.

The hardest part was to tell the kids they could no longer participate in pay to play sports.  This really crushed them and they were angry because we didn't have the money.

We tried everything.  It just was not working.  Double and triple bills on utilities, hardly no food to eat.  You know you are in bad shape when you are considering going to the local food bank.  You learn to swallow your pride, eventually.

Couldn't go to family for help, they didn't have anything either.  Parents living on social security and paying their own bills.  How could they take on ours?

I prayed so much I felt like God and The Saints  ignored me.  Tired of the same old prayer, hour after hour, day after day.

I   -  was becoming desperate.

Desperate to keep my home so my children had a roof over their heads.  Desperate to feed them.  It was all about them, not me.

So, I thought long and hard on this decision.  Every day I would take a little bit of money from the bank to catch up, or, just to survive another day.  I figured if I didn't take much, it would not be noticeable.  At least not right away.  I knew I would eventually get caught and would be punished but I was going to risk it.

Daily, I began to take a hundred dollars from the bank.  Sure enough, it didn't show and no one knew.  Really, they would never suspect me.

One day, while working, my boss approached me and wanted to speak privately.  My heart stopped, I couldn't breathe and held my breath for minutes.   Shaking in my shoes I followed him.  He was a nice boss but, I was sure I would be fired and sent to jail.

We sat down, our eyes now level across his desk.  He bit his bottom lip and shook his head and then, began to speak.  My ears, blood pumping and pounding in them made it hard to hear him.

" Liz, money is missing"   I sunk low in my chair and started to sob.  Finally, someone was going to hear me and listen to my misery.

I hunched up my shoulders and tried to speak, but only another sob escaped my lips.

"We have to investigate, as you know"

All I could think of was my children, they would soon visit a mother in Jail.  I could barely comprehend his next words.

"Liz, we all know here that you are having problems with bills.  No one wanted to ask you.  We have come up with an idea that might help you and your family"

 He spoke softly and kindly.   I wiped tears from my cheeks.

"We are not going to press charges, luckily the amount you have taken is not that large, even though you were stealing, I knew you were desperate". 

I blinked tears away and for the first time, looked up at him.  He was genuinely being kind.

" Everyone here has offered to give you 20.00 each week out of their checks until you can catch up on your bills.  I am going to offer you a loan, and once on your feet you can begin to pay me back.  It will be a personal loan between you and I"

I couldn't scream if I had wanted to, there were things making it hard for me to swallow already.

My heart was in my throat, I know that.

Finally, I asked him why everyone was being so kind?

He told me that I had worked there a long time, I was like family and family helps out.

It was funny, but I had never thought of me being part of a family at work.  Now, he made me see things in a different light.

"I am so thankful, so humble, that everyone wants to help us"   I don't know how I will ever be able to pay all of you back!"  Still sobbing I looked up at him behind his huge desk.

Calmly he spoke, a hint of knowing in his voice.

"Liz, you can pay people back with the same kindness.  It doesn't have to be monetary.  It could be offering a smile when someone is low.  Bringing an extra lunch for someone who for what ever their reason, doesn't buy or bring one.  Perhaps, they are in the same predicament as you."

I couldn't believe his words, that was true.  I was so consumed with my own problems I never thought of anyone else.

From that day on, my life changed.  I found out what was important in life and how to treat others.  We struggled, the kids had to understand the new rules about spending money and it took a year, and we were in better shape.  Thanks to a family, I never realized I had.

I guess, the moral of this story is never take things for granted, don't overlook the way other people may be in need.  It could be something simple. 

Trust me, the rewards are better than receiving.


This is not a true story.  Just written as one.  However, we have been down and out like a lot of people these days.  JUST KEEP FIGHTING

Thursday, October 28, 2010

F-- Is for Feather

Please read Jenny Matlock  _ Alphabet Thursday

A feather floats
  Flirting with things in its way
 Lifting and  falling in slow motion
Taking forever to land
Catching a wisp of wind
Furiously trying to find a place
It fights the air and flutters
Like a butterfly on a flower
Finally, resting
waiting for a mate when
the pillow is fluffed again.


Popsicle Sticks

There were five of us, and loved Popsicle's.

Every Friday we would get a new box!

Making sure my brothers and sisters gave me their sticks.
I had a large collection,

some even stained -

from the brilliant colored sugary ice.

My collection would serve a purpose

I guarded them with my life!

Then, I would patiently wait.
Oh the first sound of thunder

I was running around, excited

Gathering my sticks and waiting by the door

Praying for a flood!

Finally, at the curb a rushing river

I would run to it and begin to lay a stick
In the stream that rapidly went by

I saw the sticks as little boats

Wondering how far they would go

And if someone would find them?

Soaking wet, one by one

The sticks would float

Leaving me praying for more sticks

And another rainy day


A collector

Thursday Prompt -- Collections

I used to collect so many things,

Finding out, I grew tired of them

They lacked the luster they once had

And the thought of getting rich,

Never came to be,

now the junk sits in marked boxes

in my musty basement.

Happy to say

I am a collector of memories

Sadly I threw some away
 for what ever reason, I can't get them back

Growing older, realizing that it is priceless
To make and keep memories  with people you love


A blanket of colors

Three Word Wednesday

Fragile, Rampant, Tremor

Fragile and delicate, leaves begin to fall

It's as if there is a rampant race to see

Which will be first to blanket the earth

The sun fades and the winds stir

Sending a tremor to each branch

Signaling their moment to release

Like kites they begin to sail,

Blowing in the breeze like colored bubbles

Soon, the earth will be covered by a rainbow of

Yellow and orange, damp and slippery

Oh, a wish they would stay, instead of curling up

and dying.  Making a bed of death for a

Winter, that seems to never end. 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carry On Tuesday Prompts 

If I should die, think only this of me,

That I was good and bad at times
Laughed when I shouldn't and cried when I could
Had a temper to be dealt with
But easily calmed

That I took my knocks in life
and came through like a champ
Even though I wore the scars, silently
I was honest, but was known to stretch the truth

I loved, laughed and cried
Spent every penny on bills
And to my children
Don't cry when I am gone,

remember me by what I have left in your hearts
Even though, your inheritance will be my junk
My heart was in the right place
always, in loving you



So perfect

Please visit and join:    Poetry United

Hating to admit it, I have felt it
Not as an adult, but as a child
I was the dumpy one, overweight
My sister, made to perfection

Every Friday mother went shopping
And, every Friday she would say
"Go check your room, I bought you something"
And me?  I would check,  nothing

Little sister  was the doll, she could dress up
For me, the "chubby department"
Never had anything frilly
Besides, mother could not choose the size

Every Friday, I dreaded those words
Somehow, I felt resentment at my sister
and my mother
As a child, you don't understand

I think this carries over into adulthood
But, a lesson to be learned
I was taught, never to treat my children differently
And never to make them feel anything less than perfect


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I knew a real Witch

I knew a witch, in real life
One like on the Wizard of Oz
Always dressed in a black dress
With a sneer on her face

Once a week, she would be in her yard
With a big canvas bag of salt
Slowly, hunched over 
She would spread the salt around her house

I was terrified of her and her antics
She would come to our home
Gnarly fingers, ringing the bell
We would all scream for someone else to answer the door

In her arms and inside a bag she carried
Cobalt blue glass bottles
She claimed it was homemade perfume
My mother seemed frightened and bought one

It smelled horrible, and I was sure
It was some kind of witch potion.
Throwing it away, I wrapped it in newspaper
Just in case the witch checked our trash

One day, the Witch came again
We were all frightened
My mother yelled to me to say
"I'm not home"

Taking a deep breath,
I opened the door and saw her
Dressed in black
Cobalt blue glass bottles in her hands

Opening the door, just to peek my head outside
The witch stood there solemnly
Almost crying and trying to be a good daughter
I blurted out the words-  "My mom told me to tell you, she isn't home"

Realizing what I said
A witches curse, to be sure
I thought of Dorothy
Wishing, the wicked witch was dead

 This is a true story.  She was an old Italian lady and spread salt around her house to keep the "evil spirits" away.  Now, that I am older, I realize she did make the lavender scented perfume to sell to earn extra money.  She was a widow for many years.  And, she always wore a black dress.  I guess, she was in mourning all those years after her husband died.  I did think she was the wicked witch in the Story, though Mrs **** was a little on the chubby side.   I always crossed the street to the other side when walking to and from school.  Horrified to pass her home.  My mother did come down to the stoop where I stood before Mrs*** and embarrassed told her that I was playing a joke and she was home the whole time.  She gave me a look like I was in for it, and yes, I did get it.


Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm not always writing - Dark-

Well, I know some of you have read my work.  You probably think it is more dark than light.  I do try to bring some form of message in my work.  

I have to practice writing a little 'lighter'  I have a good Irish sense of humour, but I think the Dark Italian side wins at times.

So drop by and read my poems, offer suggestions or crits.  I have a hard shell...  lol well a head anyway.
I really do want to get to know all of you.

The dark and light


Love at First sight!

Jingle Poetry - Pot Luck Monday -  Love and Romance ---

Working two jobs was stressful
Stubborn me, had to move out
Situations made it hard to live at home
I became my own keeper and my own bill payer

Both jobs were tough, all day and all night on my feet
Moonlighting in a small tavern, made it fun
Many times during the night and since I had worked there
The door would open to someone, we exchanged a friendly smile or wave

And, then it happened.  The door opened, a man walked in casually.
Our eyes met, and I felt like I was hit by lightening. 
I tried to smile, but felt trembling
I was flustered and blushing.

Smiling as if he knew, he mouthed a sexy "hello"
I served him his Jack Daniels with a tremble
I could feel his eyes still on me.
What was this feeling?

Waiting on others, I offered veiled peeks
He was charming, though, not the type to bring home to mother
Long hair, moustache and a HARLEY!
Mother warned me about men like that.

I knew what the feeling was, 'Love at first sight'
It hit me like a ton of bricks, never did I dream it would happen to me
I was stunned.
What a feeling it was. Exhilirating, 

We dated for two years and over time the feeling dimmed
I cried on the inside because I missed that first emotion he gave me
Hating to admit this, though I will
Mother was right to warn me, about men like that!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stop being so Curious!

 Posted for Sunday Scribblings -

My mother hated to answer my million questions
I had to know everything, curious
How did the hands on the clock move?
What did the neighborhood bully have to prove?

On and on, day after day, night after night
Curiosity killed the cat?
Why does a car need gas?
Oh, and, why did dad call Mr Norm an ass?

Finally, after mentally wearing her down
I could read and find my own answers
Though, it wasn't the same
As the question game

No matter what, she tried her best
I miss her now and still need answers
There are times I go to the phone to call
Only to remember, she's not there at all.

I just have one more question
Curious if it  could be answered,
Why did you choose her to leave?
She gave me dreams, and all I could believe


Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween, just another scary night

Snarly faces lit with candles

Stare at weird costumed people
Children running up the walks
To houses with porch lights glowing
What is this need to feel scared?
Or better yet, to scare children.

The scent of burning pumpkins
mix with sulfur, pungent like the color
Days of preparing, decorations adorn homes
Children screaming and laughing
Thinking of bags of candy, and a night to indulge

There really are monsters in the night
Not just on this day
They lurk behind masks and wait to lure
Predators like the wolves in the woods

Be careful, a Mother whispers

Don't eat anything unwrapped
Wait for me to check it all
How sad the real monsters
Have taken away the only night
Children should be scared


At First Glance

Three words -Effect, immense, shimmer --

At First Glance
 didn't know

The  effect on me

Sitting , I fidgeted

Twirling a silky strand of walnut colored hair

around and around, two of my fingers.

An immense wave of warm blush crept along my cheeks

I could feel my body reacting, feverishly trying to hide it

Then, his eyes lifted to mine, shimmering, endless pools of ebony

Surprisingly, I held them with my own depths of blue

Breathlessly, wanting to shake my head and lose his gaze

The strands of hair only tightening around my fingers, 
It felt as if I would cut off the circulation

Death by twirling hair!

And then, he looked away

Not interested, the shimmer gone from his eyes
For me, I looked to the door for another to enter,

Hoping to find that  feeling again, I smoothed my hair back into place

What subtle signs we give when the effect of another's eyes meet ours
A hopeful first glance, that ends with a blink of an eye


Fun and great site!  Please visit :

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well, the little ugly guy

We were so happy, my daughter and I

The thought of picking out a puppy was so exciting.
In the pound, at least a hundred beautiful dogs were barking

We peered into all the cages, it was heartbreaking, but we could only choose one

We started down the last aisle and both stared and grimaced at the one in the cage

He was a little chubby, and all of his bottom teeth protruded.  Especially one!

 still we didn't speak.  Our minds full of so many dogs who needed homes.

I thought to myself, this poor ugly guy will never get a place of his own

Staring at the dog, he seemed to know we would pass him by

My daughter, with much hesitation said "I think, I want him!"
Oh my God, what are we thinking!  People will laugh, our family would wonder why?

So we called over the woman to open the cage.  

With a slightly wagging tail, and teeth protruding he ambled over to us.

Friendly little guy, but so ugly he was cute.
We knew no one else would take him, so we did.

He is a strange little dog, with a face a mother could hardly love
But, he brings us so much love and joy.

Well, the teeth?  We tried to get it pulled or some kind of brace

The vet just said, "You will have to live with that face"


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