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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stop being so Curious!

 Posted for Sunday Scribblings -

My mother hated to answer my million questions
I had to know everything, curious
How did the hands on the clock move?
What did the neighborhood bully have to prove?

On and on, day after day, night after night
Curiosity killed the cat?
Why does a car need gas?
Oh, and, why did dad call Mr Norm an ass?

Finally, after mentally wearing her down
I could read and find my own answers
Though, it wasn't the same
As the question game

No matter what, she tried her best
I miss her now and still need answers
There are times I go to the phone to call
Only to remember, she's not there at all.

I just have one more question
Curious if it  could be answered,
Why did you choose her to leave?
She gave me dreams, and all I could believe



  1. this brings a tear...I miss my mum daily.

    hugs friend ;)

  2. Thanks David.... Really it never goes away. Hang in there...
    Thanks for stopping by again... Friend!


  3. Wysteria, I feel the same about my mother. I don't think anyone ever stops missing their mother, no matter what age. Poignant writing!

  4. Be always cool to your mother and it is very funny what you have written.

  5. This was so lighthearted...yet enclosed in subtle beauty, glowing with your love.

    Thanks for this and your wonderful comment.

    I wrote this for my mom

  6. I find so interesting how a simple word can touch people so differently ... I pity those who do not have a childhood with facts like these to remember! They are so full of good feelings ...

  7. She probably loved the questions deep in her heart.

  8. I think she did, at least I hope..)