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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A blanket of colors

Three Word Wednesday

Fragile, Rampant, Tremor

Fragile and delicate, leaves begin to fall

It's as if there is a rampant race to see

Which will be first to blanket the earth

The sun fades and the winds stir

Sending a tremor to each branch

Signaling their moment to release

Like kites they begin to sail,

Blowing in the breeze like colored bubbles

Soon, the earth will be covered by a rainbow of

Yellow and orange, damp and slippery

Oh, a wish they would stay, instead of curling up

and dying.  Making a bed of death for a

Winter, that seems to never end. 



  1. what a well done piece, nice incorporation of the words.

  2. A beautiful poem, wonderful take and use of the three words...

  3. Nice use of the prompts..
    thanks for the lovely poem... :)

  4. Thank you everyone for posting. Sorry I would have got to this earlier but have had to deal with all the stuff that doesn't include writing. Bummer