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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Popsicle Sticks

There were five of us, and loved Popsicle's.

Every Friday we would get a new box!

Making sure my brothers and sisters gave me their sticks.
I had a large collection,

some even stained -

from the brilliant colored sugary ice.

My collection would serve a purpose

I guarded them with my life!

Then, I would patiently wait.
Oh the first sound of thunder

I was running around, excited

Gathering my sticks and waiting by the door

Praying for a flood!

Finally, at the curb a rushing river

I would run to it and begin to lay a stick
In the stream that rapidly went by

I saw the sticks as little boats

Wondering how far they would go

And if someone would find them?

Soaking wet, one by one

The sticks would float

Leaving me praying for more sticks

And another rainy day



  1. Oh, that was fun! I can picture this. I remember collecting popsicle sticks too. Could build things with them, using Elmer's glue. Or I would just 'keep' them, as children do!

  2. Yes, Mary... it was so fun. I wish we had curbs out where I live now. It would be great to do it again!!!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. I love, love your little doggies


  3. I did the same as a child...this brought such wonderful memories to mind...luv it;)