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Monday, October 25, 2010

Love at First sight!

Jingle Poetry - Pot Luck Monday -  Love and Romance ---

Working two jobs was stressful
Stubborn me, had to move out
Situations made it hard to live at home
I became my own keeper and my own bill payer

Both jobs were tough, all day and all night on my feet
Moonlighting in a small tavern, made it fun
Many times during the night and since I had worked there
The door would open to someone, we exchanged a friendly smile or wave

And, then it happened.  The door opened, a man walked in casually.
Our eyes met, and I felt like I was hit by lightening. 
I tried to smile, but felt trembling
I was flustered and blushing.

Smiling as if he knew, he mouthed a sexy "hello"
I served him his Jack Daniels with a tremble
I could feel his eyes still on me.
What was this feeling?

Waiting on others, I offered veiled peeks
He was charming, though, not the type to bring home to mother
Long hair, moustache and a HARLEY!
Mother warned me about men like that.

I knew what the feeling was, 'Love at first sight'
It hit me like a ton of bricks, never did I dream it would happen to me
I was stunned.
What a feeling it was. Exhilirating, 

We dated for two years and over time the feeling dimmed
I cried on the inside because I missed that first emotion he gave me
Hating to admit this, though I will
Mother was right to warn me, about men like that!


  1. mom is right? haha maybe..

  2. Truthfully, I LOVE bad boys. I don't know why I married a good Just teasing. Not really, I have to say it again, there is a special place in my heart for all those bad boys! Like Janet Jackson said.."Oh You Nasty Boys" Love that song and play it

    Thanks for stopping by


  3. wow,

    lovely done.

  4. Bad boys are sexy. And fun for a while. But the thing is, they're bad...

  5. Thanks Jingle...

    I think a lot of women can

    Kind you stopped and left a message. You are always so encouraging.


  6. Yea...that's the word.... 'Sexy'

    You got it... thanks for the drive by


  7. Such a sad ending for what seemed a promising beginning. Apparently 'love at first sight' isn't as infallible as it's usually made out to be. Nice honest piece, Wysteria.

  8. Sad but for the best. Honestly, I have NEVER had that feeling again. It does leave me thinking about him and how wonderful it was what he did give.

    Oh well... sometimes we just have to take a look at where we've been.

    Thanks for the note and stopping by..


  9. I agree with all of the above...sad but for the best!! Well penned...loved the honestly here. xx

  10. Wow...I'm glad I didnt conclude before I got to the end...nice one...Mothers always tend to see the future even before we think of encountering them.


  11. Uh huh, mum is always right...but we never, ever believe her. If we did, we would never have the experience of the 'one you can't take home to mum'. :)

  12. Bad boys are sexy! And our mothers did warn us about them.

  13. So it's true? Moms are always right? ;) (I wonder if my kids would agree - lol)

    Wysteria, I loved the atmosphere you created - I was right there watching it all unfold.

  14. Yes, Mothers are always right, even if it takes a few years to come true!

    Thanks for the support . You are an amazing writer - I am humbled before you...)