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Thursday, October 28, 2010

F-- Is for Feather

Please read Jenny Matlock  _ Alphabet Thursday

A feather floats
  Flirting with things in its way
 Lifting and  falling in slow motion
Taking forever to land
Catching a wisp of wind
Furiously trying to find a place
It fights the air and flutters
Like a butterfly on a flower
Finally, resting
waiting for a mate when
the pillow is fluffed again.



  1. Thank you both! I had fun with this, for some reason I had dirty words in my head and it was hard to concentrate!!!


  2. I love that 'F'sound going all the way through
    It's fantastic, fabulous -fluffy... mmmm love that word- on that a piece I'll put my head in minutes!

    Fair & fluffy hugs

  3. how wonderful! it makes me happy just to read it

    great F alphabe-thursday

  4. I use a lot of feathers when I make my masks. They float all over my work area. I love to watch them. Great post!!

  5. what a fantastic depiction of the feather. I enjoyed that .

  6. Lissa and Judie and Jackie..

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post about the Feather. I guess, I love to watch one float too. I have this pillow that rests behind my back while I am at the computer and each time I get up, someone tells me I have a feather stuck to


  7. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. When I was a little girl, living with my grandparents on their farm, their front porch was covered in wysteria. What a wonderful fragrance! Unfortunately, the bees liked it, too.

  8. what an amazing gift for words you have! very nice thursday post! thanks for sharing! blessings...s...

  9. very, very nice! thank you for sharing your gift of prose.

  10. Oh, what lovely imagery. This was really a fantastic stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    What a gift you have with words, my dear.

    And thank you for sharing them with us here.


  11. Thank you so much! I am just getting my feet wet so these are all new writings for me. I am finding it very addictive to write and to read others poetry.

    Thank you for stopping by


  12. Love this! You can just see it in your head as you read the poem.