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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween, just another scary night

Snarly faces lit with candles

Stare at weird costumed people
Children running up the walks
To houses with porch lights glowing
What is this need to feel scared?
Or better yet, to scare children.

The scent of burning pumpkins
mix with sulfur, pungent like the color
Days of preparing, decorations adorn homes
Children screaming and laughing
Thinking of bags of candy, and a night to indulge

There really are monsters in the night
Not just on this day
They lurk behind masks and wait to lure
Predators like the wolves in the woods

Be careful, a Mother whispers

Don't eat anything unwrapped
Wait for me to check it all
How sad the real monsters
Have taken away the only night
Children should be scared



  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't wait to see what you that pumpkin;)

  2. How true! it has been a few years now but I have found candy that looked like someone messed with it...since then we usually stay in. Monsters do exist. Sad that they look just like me or you. Love the Halloween poem and Awesome pic!

  3. there was a whole plethora of random things that run through my at the mention of monsters at Halloween. but when it starts messing with the kids...that's when it narrows down to that one possibility of a real monster who just likes to eat kids in one form or another.

    good job on the pumpkin and the piece tho =]


  4. Yes, they do exist and not just on Halloween as you have stated...pretty sad for children....bkm

  5. That is one cool pumpkin! I enjoyed the poem. Last line is very poignant. Well done.


    Thanks a lot for the support to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I could not always find time to show how much we appreciate your support, here, three awards for you, hope to see you in of week 7, our theme is love and romance. Happy Monday, Happy Blogging! xxx

  7. I know you already submitted your entry,
    ignore my words.

  8. Wysteria,
    I enjoyed reading your poem. Full of all the excitement that comes with Halloween.
    I liked the cheery pumpkn!