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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Worst Halloween

Halloween -  Jingle Poetry  Happy Halloween Jingle!

A year my mother felt creative, and she was!
Months before, making three costumes 
She was busy, cutting, taping, covering
And then, the final fittings!

My brother was a robot
Three boxes covered in tin foil
It was the most amazing work
We were so excited to try ours on

My Sister was the youngest
Small and petite, she was a pumpkin
Wires and fabric made her look so
Orange and BIG! A green hat for the stem

Me?  I was a witch, dressed all in black
A brand new broom to carry
AND, a putty nose!
The broom would be used after, how frugal she was!

Then it came- HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

We dressed quickly with Mothers help
Excited to run out and get all our rewards and treats
We began to walk, old enough to go alone
Laughing and then, suddenly something went wrong

No more laughter, one by one we started to cry.
The robot shed tears first, he couldn't see and the boxes
Were awkward.  I tried to soothe and encourage him - to no avail
Next, my little sister began to sob

The pumpkin suit cumbersome and too large to walk in
She couldn't even sit down, like the  robot
Then, I started to cry, though I could move with ease
My putty nose kept falling and wilting

I would try to fix it but it only was misshapen
We all cried, walking up to houses 
We didn't want to disappoint my mother who worked so hard
The Robot, the pumpkin and me, the worst Halloween ever!



  1. Ah..a sad halloween and I know what it means to not want to disappoint the one who would have had it be so much fun. Good work here. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  2. A very clear, sad retelling of a Halloween memory. Enjoyed reading it. Happy Halloween :)

  3. the true meaning of halloween is a time to remember, reflect and move on...which is why remembrance day coincidently falls so close...this was a beautiful write and so in keeping..thanks for sharing

  4. oh how sad - such a lot of love and work - and things don't turn out the way we expect they would..sounds like life to me...thanks for sharing

  5. awesome and creepy.

    reality could be disappointing, hang in there,
    you are doing amazing job,

  6. Oh poor guys and Mom too... amazing what we do to our kids...hopefully the following years were better...bkm

  7. so sad, but tender, not wanting to disapoint your mum;) lovely.

  8. Thanks for the Happy Halloween Sign on top.
    u rock!

  9. It was going to be a happy family Halloween....
    and I know the feeling when something wrong happens like this...very touching... :)

  10. did you link this to our potluck?
    I hope you did.
    Thanks for the support.
    Happy November.