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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Masquerade - A Vamp


..  Writers Island

He would be at the party
She knew she wanted attention, only his
Dressed in black and ruby lips
A satin sash around her hips

Her eyes were her mask,
behind them a deep passion
Only she the huntress knew
What she felt was true

It didn't matter if he cared
What she wanted, she would get
So she stalked him through the night
Anxious to give her first bite

Finally a glimpse of hope
He had noticed her from afar
Offering a smile with a glint
Her eyes glowing, with a red tint

Moving closer, he asked her to dance
The music haunting and passion in the air
Sliding her body against his, her Lilly white hand against his chest
Soon, even though he didn't know, she knew what would be best.

Holding her tightly against him
She knew how to use her body as they danced
It was then she pressed those ruby lips against his skin
Soon, she would relish in her win

A fang slid against his neck
Even though it was fake
She could feel him shiver
A quick pass of her tongue, a lusty quiver

Only for this night
She had him where she wanted
In her arms and hypnotic hold
His hot whisper was so bold

She only laughed, her head falling back
Until now, he had ignored her
She continued with the masquerade
He was fooled at the game she played


  1. OH my friend...this is made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...the huntress and the

  2. Hey Dave! Thanks for always reading my posts. I try to read all of yours too!

    As far as the Vamp. I wanted to be more risque but didn't. I don't know how all the other readers would take it. Plus, I don't want to get banned!!!!!!!!!


  3. Amazing creation...
    "Soon, she would relish in her win"...lovely... :)

  4. fabulous piece.
    love the image,
    you have fancy taste.

  5. This is both chilling and sexy. I could imagine the scene while reading the poem.

  6. Please help giving (belated) birthday wishes to 3 or 4 fellow poets:

    Thanks a lot for the support.
    Happy November!
    Your presence adds light to our space, keep shining!

  7. Dear Wysteria.. Sensuous and passionate.. I was looking for more but you stopped in the middle of it by breaking the trance, by her laugh... I am still there.. I would complete the story in my mind.. probably this is what you wanted...very good verse and so apt for the hallow's eve... thanks for sharing.. I liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay