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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa - Carry On Tuesday

Dear Santa,

For as long as I can remember, I have been a good girl.
I know, it is expected to be a good boy or girl throughout the year.
However, after many years of reflection, I have been too good.
This behavior did not bring me more or less of anything.

Now that I am older and toys (childrens) are no longer an option
I find myself longing to be the bad girl, I have deep down inside always wanted to be
It is probably too late for this Christmas, but I am trying to prepare you for next year
I want to be a dirty little girl, naughty, insatiable and a sexy being. Please don't leave me frilly things.
Leather would be nice
If, it isn't too much to ask, I might need someone to go with all these desires.
The one I have, doesn't seem to be interested in naughty things
So, dear Santa... I will keep you posted this year
Please keep in mind, I am tired of the good girl and want to bring out the bad girl in the New Year

Oh and Santa... you look extremely sexy in Red and White



  1. Ha, brillant santa letter...I hope you get all the leather toys you desire:)

  2. Thats a very strong desire you have..that you ask dear Santa for it...
    haha.. the last line is superb :D

  3. This is fantastic! Where do you live?!!!!!!!