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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow and the Elderly

Magpie Tales

I found myself a prisoner in my own home
Looking out the window it seemed so serene
Too weak to shovel, the snow only piled upon my walk
There was little to eat, I could not go to the store

Too proud to ask for help, I peered across the street at my neighbor
He had a snow-blower and was cleaning his driveway
How I wished, he would do mine
Soon, he put the machine away in his garage and closed the door.

The snow continued to fall, each snowflake finding it's destination
Another day and night of snow, would hold me hostage
Feeling a tear sting my eye, I wondered why
People don't think of the elderly, trapped, maybe in need

Have we lost all compassion, or just don't have the time?
Perhaps, we don't want to get involved
This is not me, but, millions of elderly
Take a moment, and don't forget them



  1. This poem touched my heart Wysteria..

    I understand how elders are quite often forgotten...
    I have seen people like them...
    I feel so sorry for the people who forget them...
    They will also be forgotten one day...

  2. Your words are beautiful, Sumit.

    Thanks again for stopping by and reading.

    Your words mean much to me


  3. makes one wonder how many even in our own nieghborhoods suffer like this.

    well done

  4. That is so true. I am very blessed to live in my neighborhood. We actually have 17 kids on this block and most are home schooled. They get out there everytime and do the whole block just to help out. The have the time, the strength and the energy and they are great loving people. What a lovely poem to remind us. You should send that in to the newspapers. People need that kind of reminder.

  5. Hi Kristen and David,

    Thanks for you wonderful support and taking the time to read my poetry.

    You are lucky Kristen, there are so many more unfortunate. I am trying, through my writing to speak for those that may not have the voice or the know how to get their words across.

    Thanks again, both of you...


  6. I love what you wrote .. from your heart, from the essence of you.

  7. Hi Helen..

    Such nice words, thank you. This time of year we forget that others could be in need. Hopefully if one person does something kind this winter because they read these words, I have done a good job.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice note


  8. Yes, as neighbours we can all think about each other a little more. What a better world it would be.

  9. Thank you Paul. Yes, I can be a better neighbor too.

    Maybe just a few people can start.. who knows where it would lead?

    Thanks for stopping by


  10. Powerful write, Wisteria. That's what the season of giving is all about.

  11. so true--we do need to think more about others-great magpie