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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Word Prompt - We Write Poems - Love

Thursday Poets Rally

After loving all your friends and family
is there enough room
for thousands more?
Our hearts are small, but there is  vacancy

This time of the year, we sometimes forget
There are homeless,
Victims of 911
Men and women, fighting for our freedom

During this season, there are people losing homes
No Christmas Tree's 
No Presents for  children
Sometimes, there is no food

Our Country needs people 
To find love in their hearts
For the helpless, homeless, and depressed
Do you have  room to love them?

If you give something
Money, a coat, a meal
Don't think how good it made you feel
Think, you have given someone a piece of your heart

You have enough love, for millions
Different it may be
Let's not forget the elderly, the abused, animals that are beaten and starved
Let's go back to the basic we were taught

Love your neighbor
Perhaps, it will be you in their situation someday
We never know our future
If you do something kind with love, you teach your children what love really means



  1. such a profound message, beautifully written:)

  2. Thank you my dear friend. Reader of my endless thoughts...)


  3. beautiful wonders...
    thoughtful highlight on those who are unfortunate,
    a great shout out for all to hear and show love, especially at this Christmas season.
    Thanks for sharing such a divine piece with poets rally.

  4. "Our Country needs people
    To find love in their hearts
    For the helpless, homeless, and depressed
    Do you have room to love them?"

    What a message!
    My thoughts resonate :)
    keep writing

  5. Great thoughts...
    and what a way to present them...

    Lovely poem Wysteria :)

  6. Thank you everyone. I guess it is the season where I begin to count my blessings and think of those who wish for blessings.

    I appreciate all the kind words....

    Tis the Season....


  7. You've captured the true meaning of Christmas. I am happy to see that, in spite of the economy, I see so many people giving. Here in NV we are #1 unempl0yment @ 14.4% and #1 foreclosure. There is such great need. Good reminder, Wisteria.

  8. A honest assessment and call to action for a season in which the best sales and latest films make headlines. Thanks for sharing this for the rally!

  9. Thank you all. I try and remember the less fortunate through the year, but, at this time it really tugs at my heart strings.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas


  10. A wonderful message, very well put. I feel the call for compassion.
    Thank you!

  11. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you feel that way, it does a body good...)


  12. wonderful poem of the season. heart felt. nice job!

  13. Fine poem anytime,but especially now. Appreciate the sentiment.

    Well done.

    Happy Rally days. Hope you are enjoying your visits and vistors.

  14. Yay! A kindred soul. I would shout this message from the rooftops if I could.

  15. Thanks for participating poets rally, hope you well...
    please return favors to poets who visited you here,
    Happy Tuesday!

  16. There's always room for more love! Our capacity is infinite.

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