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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Q - is for Quill

How can we forget the first poets labor
By candlelight and pondering  right words
with a dip of his quill and set to parchment.
Words we still read and admire

Who would have thought these papers
Written in pen and ink would last all these years
Most  poets long gone but are so revered.
We read their books and dream to be one of them

For their work was not done for fame or fortune
They had the passion to write
Love of the art to paint pain, happiness and pictures
With parchment and a quill.

What would these poets think of what we have
And, imagine how different their poems might be
Or would they still prefer their way
dipping a quill in ink, by candlight



  1. It occurs to me that in a quill period, I'd probably NEVER write for public consumption. Bad handwriting!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. a quill in ink by candlelight....such a picture you paint my friend. wonderful.

  3. Wonderful image of all the past poets whose words live on.

  4. Lovely...this is so true....
    and I love the way you put it...
    A salute to those poets :)