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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three word Wednesday Abrubt- Kernel and Wield

Three word Wednesday

My brother was a pain
Never listened and hyper to the max.
Most kids love watermelon, corn on the cob and grapes.
For me, they were food to fear

He would spit the seeds from the watermelon
once , one stuck to my forehead.
I was afraid he would shoot my eye out with one
I always ducked.

Corn on the cob was just as dangerous
Spitting kernels at me and sometimes 
when he would bite down
the kernels would squirt

He would always go into a fit of laughter,
for me it was horror
For awhile I would pretend I didn't like the food
and excused myself from the table.

One day, we were eating corn
He didn't spit a kernel
Nor when he bit down on the cob it didn't squirt 
Why the abrupt stop?

Suddenly he started to wield the cob
High up in the air, screaming like a banshee
And then it happened
Smack!  right into my forehead

I had kernels and butter dripping all over my face
He went into a laughing fit
I cried, 
Vowing, the next time I would wage war



  1. Laughed out loud at the watermelon seeds , funny

  2. Ouch! Hope you got your own back..Jae

  3. haha...nicely written...
    elder brothers are always like this... :)

  4. Wow, I posted my draft and now I posted the correct one.

    Thank you jaerose and Michael for stopping by!!!!!


  5. Loved reading this. Great use of the prompt!!!!

  6. Thanks Pia... It brought back some funny memories for me.

    Kind of you to stop and leave a message


  7. I loved the wit and humor in this, the fear of food comes out, but there's a defiance at the end.

  8. Ha! This is simply superb.. beautiful.. enjoyed it..

  9. I love this picture of family life. It brings back memories of my own.

  10. Quite a funny tale in retrospect, but I'm sure it wasn't so hilarious at the time.

    (I never meant to spit seeds at others, but sometimes it worked out that way!)

    Interesting One Shot, Wysteria!

  11. food as a weapon....funny. made me laugh out.

  12. Were we int he same family? My older brother was just like this.

    He still is.

    Great poem.

  13. Dear Wysteria... I liked the slow buildup of pain, frustration and rage... I could easily see you sitting at the dining table... Good one.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  14. haha. love this...and yeah it may not have been funny at the time but...smiles. nice one shot

  15. I have an older brother who was just like the brother you described! I am 44 and still watch warily when he is around!

  16. Being a sibling... what memories. Great job, cute story, and I hope that there is laughter with the passing of time.

  17. u r super creative.
    keep it up.

  18. This was a fun did you get to wage a war? :)

  19. Sibling fights are great stuff to write about :)

  20. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for stopping by and I tried to leave a note on your blogs too!

    Thanks again


  21. ha...reminds me of my brother always squirting orange peel in my face.....evil git that he was....loved the read...cheers for sharing with osw...pete

  22. I didn't have any brothers and I'm kinda glad. :) This makes you just want to chase him around with a zucchini or something, waving it like crazy but calling, "Just be nice!"

  23. Fun work. Makes me glad I was an only child.

  24. Brothers can be such pain. Great use of the prompts.