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Friday, November 12, 2010

MagPie Tales

The Death of a Woman

It was one of many he had given her
This one, meant something more
She was going to be his, in every way.
Soon, it would be their wedding day.

She found it hard to believe
That her family had given her, to him
There were no feelings, no love
No bells ringing up above

Her hatred grew day to day
It would dishonor her family if she would refuse
They would earn money from the arrangement
Much had been given in their engagement

Sadly, she would not love this man
Be forced to do things she didn't want
Bare his children all in pain
All her crying would be in vain

She laid the necklace in the satin box
The symbol of a powerful man -
that owns a woman that cries her self to sleep
It will be many nights in her life, she will weep



  1. A well told narrative - I enjoyed reading this

  2. Wow...aranged weddings, enjoyable read my friend

  3. How sad. You're right, it is the death of a woman, when she is rid of her freedom to choose who she wants to be with. Now, she has to spend the rest of her life with someone she doesn't love. Unless he dies early, I guess.

  4. So beautifully crafted... :)
    This kind of situation arises in so many women's lives...
    I salute them for their strength and courage...

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  6. Very sad and all too common, I suspect.

  7. Glad she is not going to marry him for many good reasons.
    a beautiful magpie,
    aptly told.

  8. sounds sad indeed...makes me grateful to live in a new age freedom of love and loving...bkm

  9. ... and this still happens! So sad. Nicely written, I enjoyed the flow of your Magpie.

  10. Beautiful and sad. Nice rhyming pattern. Well done!

  11. how sad for her...arranged marriages :( The writing and the rhyme pattern were fantastic

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