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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three word Wednesday

Gesture, Immediate, Treasure -  Three word prompt this week

The elf gestured to me.   Perched upon a large, smooth stone, I sat.  Hand under my chin resting what seemed like  the weight of the world.

I gave no immediate response but watched him intently.  There were many rouges and magicians searching for a treasure.  Some had maps, others went on intuition.

Meeting this funny looking elf at the tavern in the City of Leeburogh, I wasn't sure if it was my luck or his good fortune to meet.

It seemed for hours we circled inside of the long, straw grass that grew in the field.  Many bore thorns and by now my leather sandals were scratched and my bare toes were bleeding,

He was dressed in a make- shift of rags and leather.  His pointed ears stuck through straggly strands of gray and mousy brown hair.  He had beady little eyes that  kept squinting, perhaps he needed something to make his sight better.  I thought to myself , if this rotund elf can't see, how will we find the treasure?

Pursing my lips, I watched him circle an area several times, and mumbling something under his breath.  I am sure he was talking some other language and it had something to do with me.  I gave a slight shrug and continued to let my eyes wander over his movements and kept a vigil of things around us.

I didn't bring my cleric books, too cumbersome to travel with and I felt odd, not holding them.  This strange elf, promised to help me find the treasure so many talked about.  It would help feed many poor people in our City.

Gnarly fingers up in the air and another gesture for me to come closer.  I slid from the  sandy rock, smoothed down my brown robes and moved over to where he was standing and staring.  With a very intense look in his almond shaped, brown eyes, he pointed to the earth below his feet and grunted  "Here!"

"You are sure?"  I asked with a monotone voice, no hint of excitement.  How could he just wander a thicket and suddenly think the treasure was buried there?

With a shrug of my shoulders I smoothed my robes in place and knelt at the spot.  With nothing but my fingers I began to try and dig through the very dry and packed dirt.  Struggling, and my nails ripping with each movement I began to dig deeper.  Somehow, I didn't think the strange little elf was correct.  But, I would have to know one way or another.

The little elf was not the most energetic and I looked up at him and grumbled, "Could you please help?  This is going to take some time with only my hands to dig.

He cocked on eyebrow and wrinkled his face even more than it was.  He nodded and knelt near me.  Both of us scratching at the earth.

Suddenly, my fingers rubbed against something smooth.  I began to push away the clumpy dirt and  the top of a brown box began to appear.   The crooked, bent up elf began to scrape the earth away from the box and we yanked it out.

We looked over it carefully, both our hands sharing a side of the hand - made, rickety box.  I murmured low to him. "There is no treasure in here.  I am sure of that."   The grumpy elf shook his head and with a deep and raspy tone he muttered.  :You'll see, it will be a fortune, enough for both of us and the City"

On the box was a lock, however it was loose from age and being buried so long.  I shook and tugged at  it and it practically crumbled in  my hand.

We were excited, fingers everywhere trying to open the box.  Finally it opened and all we could do was stare without blinking or saying a word.

I looked up at the elf and our eyes met, neither of us saying a word.

Finally the elf spoke with amazement.  "Who would bury a pair of sandals?"  I wanted to burst out with laughter and a little soft roar escaped my lips. The elf did not acknowledge my amusement.

He stood up abruptly and with an angered voice he said. "May your eyes turn to jam, I am going to put these sandals on and keep walking.  Surely they will take me to the treasure."

Standing up I told him I would not follow him and shook his hand and wished him well.  I returned to my City and years later heard talk that an elf had found the treasure and was living like a King,  Chuckling to myself I knew it was him.  Good Fortune had finally come his way.



  1. So much I liked about this! I especially liked the ending and that he was happy for the elf's Good Fortune.

    The Treasure

  2. Thanks Faith. It is always a risk to write an imaginary tale. lol... I hope others like it as well as you.

    Thanks again,


  3. Vivid imagery...and the story is good...

  4. Thanks Sumit, I always appreciate a comment from such a great writer. It encourages me.

    My imagination ran wild this morning...


  5. ...But the best treasure, the one you got out of the adventure...

  6. Oh yes... it was fun.. Have no clue what took me there this morning..

    Thanks for stopping by...


  7. The graphic image really launched me into your really took me to a different world - thank you - i am curious to know if the sandals themselves turned out to be the treasure (even if they only led him to the treasure)..Jae

  8. Oh Jae.... I am not sure I am going to answer that just yet...) Perhaps I will continue on with the story. I kind of enjoyed writing it myself.