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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday's Best Tradition - Written for Magpie Tales

No matter what the weather, going to church in Sunday's best was a happy day
Seeing old friends, greeting new one's, and always dressed in Sunday's Clothes.
What traditions are elders had!  How it seems we have destroyed them.
Church was a special thing to do on Sunday, and respected.
Today, I see people in shorts and sandals and no children with them.
The faces in church are weathered and old, where are the young people?
What will happen to our traditional Sundays?
No more going to Church, No buying new Sunday clothes,
No visiting aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents after Church.
How many more traditions can we kill before our kids ask "Why don't we?"
Too busy for church, too busy for relatives,  and it takes too much time to keep traditions.
Are we leaving a piece of our ancestors with our children?
Let's not forget the people who believed in family and God, they gave us something that can not be bought or replaced.  Traditions



  1. Wonderful thoughts.
    This tradition isn't lost with us. Often the best part of my week.

  2. Fascinating how old traditions die and new ones take their place in the circle of life.

  3. Where is the strength of the parents..remember when we had to pay attention?

  4. You're right, I remember my dad giving me the evil eye. That is all it took and I knew I BETTER pay

    Tess and Lyn thanks for stopping by!


  5. Nice reminders, days, traditions, values... often missed in the now generations. I often wonder what kids now would do for a whole day without electrical power, or a whole afternoon of playing out in the yard?

  6. Church traditions and attire have definitely changed over the years. Now anything goes. Can't say that's bad though, if it gets people to church. Thoughtful writing.

  7. Beautiful thoughts...
    the last two lines act as reminders...well done :)

  8. Yes so many traditions have gone to the wayside...and so has the binding of family...nice take on this prompt...thoughtful piece...bkm

  9. oh a different take on this photo...yesterday I have to admit as I skipped church that I wondered about my own ancestors who never missed and would have thought it a sin to do so!