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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's been awhile but....Pit Bulls???

I am still ALIVE and doing... well....well... "maintaining my life"

It seems so long that I have made an entry, and though I have visited here, I have lost motivation to write. Some call it writers block, others call it life interference.  For me, I can't find time, can't motivate and feel that if I do start writing it will sound like a bitch session, a pity post or boring as hell.  Whatever..... anyway.....

I want to get connected again.  Miss reading other posts and have decided that I need to read and write again.  Have felt lost in my own daily have to do things.  Tired of that, done with that and want to share with some of you, other things that I have been doing in my SPARE (what the hell is that??) time!

As some of you know from other posts I may have written (not sure that I have written about it or not) that I am involved in Pit Bull Rescue groups.  Fell into this by accident and have learned so much about the breed that I am now a pit bull advocate and absolutely LOVE the breed.  Misconceptions, lies, and rumors about this breed has led to so many loving pets being abandoned, put to sleep, killed, and owners having to surrender them because of laws in their communities.  The surrenders are probably the most heart-wrenching of all.  Loving owners who have had their pets for years, having to give them up, knowing they will be put to sleep because their communities banned the breed, labeled them vicious and if they do keep them have to take out enormous liability insurance that they just can not afford to keep them.

Please, like any other breed, these dogs are what they are because of how they are, raised, loved, cared for.

I own six dogs.  Two labs, a Rottweiler, a Chihuahua  and two American Bull dog, pit bull mix.  Out of the six, the dog that I have to watch the most is a lab. Wow!  Believe it or not a LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is not mean, but occasionally will snap if another dog comes to close to him and his treat.

My new found love of the Pit bull breed is amazing.  They are amazingly smart, loveable.  Mean? Ugh.. NO!

I foster Pit bull mix dogs because here in our City Kennels, they are put to sleep within 24- 48 hours of surrendering, found, or abandoned.  So... my daughter and I rescue, find them homes and love and put them through many tests.  Cat test, dog test, kid test, aggressive tests.  Guess what? Out of all the fosters, not one has shown signs of any of these traits.

Fostering, is not for everyone.  It is very hard on both us and the dogs.  The dogs, think they have a home and we get attached to them.  But, I keep in mind that I am saving a dog and finding them a furever home!

Please note, the pic is all pit bulls.  Mine, is the middle, the two others are fosters.  This was the very first day they met each other.  Wow.... don't they look mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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