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Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Word Wed -

Three Word Wednesday- I might be a little late for this one..  "Growl, Hype and Justify"

Three word Wednesday

I know it is Monday and soon the new words will be up.  These words, just seem to fit something I want to write about.

I expected a growl on our first meeting. Instead I was met with a slobbery wet kiss on the cheek and huge paws resting on my shoulders.  Wait! Am I suppose to be afraid?  I heard all the hype, I read all the gory details and the vicious dog laws.

I have owned many dogs, but, there is something different about owning Pit Bulls.  They are a dominant breed.  Proud, fiercely loyal, and rambunctious.  Stubborn as HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, stubborn as hell.  They are not a breed for everyone.  They require lots of attention and constant commands. BUT, they learn who is boss.  They learn that yes, they too, can be loved.  Despite of the bad reputation these dogs get, my daughter and I have become absolutely in love with them.

I am tired of having to justify my love of the breed.  Defend their natures and remind people, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

  This breed does have a jaw with pressure.  And, when they do bite, they don't let go.  However, NOT all Pit Bulls, are BAD, BAD, DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I own six dogs.  Two of them are pit bulls.  A male and a female.  They are adorable.  Funny, loving and just plain loads of fun to play with.  They are rescue dogs.  I probably will never own another breed, they have convinced me that they are wonderful pets.

Thousand of pit bulls are put to sleep each day.  There are laws that need to change and if your State or County needs to change their vicious dog law, please sign a petition. 

Please note, the loving dog on the right was put to sleep because we could not find a home for her.
Don't let others tell you horror stories.  Any, and I mean ANY dog can be vicious.  Please support your local rescues.


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  1. I love dogs and also have a rescue. Don't know what happened before I got him at 8 months. But he is fiercely protective of me, and once a young child walked up to him, put his hand on the dog's back while the dog was peeing, and got bit for his troubles. I spent 10 days in another state in quarantine, and I still worried that someone would think he was a vicious dog and put him down. Maybe even the next time he bites someone who crosses boundaries or he feels is threatening (tho I don't know all his cues yet). Not a pitbull, this dog is an Old English Sheepdog. I loved your story and how you told it about their stubbornness (OES are also, tho my first one was not). I love how you are sold on Pitbulls now, too. Thanks for something different with 3WW, too.